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22 Boswell Square
G52 4BQ

0141 882 0632

Frequently Asked questions

How do we get there?
Easily. Hillington West rail station is a short walk, and we are only a few minutes from the M8 motorway.
Travel directions and map - click here

When are you open?
Our business hours are 9am - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday.
We do not open for business on Sunday or Monday.

What do you charge?
Our basic workshop labour rate is £50.00 per hour plus VAT.
Special services, or work outside our normal opening hours may be at an extra cost.

What types of bikes do you work on?
Anything that can roll into the workshop, within reason. Quads, customs, cruisers, racers, tourers, scooters - all welcome.

Are there any things you won't work on?
Mini motos. Pit bikes.

Do you keep a lot of parts in stock?
We keep common consumables, like filters, spark plugs and so on. We do not keep dedicated parts such as the clutch lever, footrest, or mirrors for your bike. Parts for particular models would have to be ordered in, but that is usually quite quick.

Do you do MoTs?
Not in our own workshop, at this time. We can check and prep your bike and take it for its MoT.

Do you sell bikes?
No. We don't have a showrooom.

Do you stock accessories?
No. We just have a busy workshop, and do not have the space for a display of accessories. If you want us to supply and fit something like heated grips or a chain oiler, just ask us and we will talk about it.

Can you service my bike while it is under the manufacturer's warranty?

Can you really turn lemons into peaches?
Easily. All it takes is money, time, and decades of experience.

How much does it cost to run my bike on the dyno?
A dyno run with a printout of your bike's performance costs £30.00 plus VAT. You would have to make a booking with us to do this. If you want the bike to be run and a printout generated after we have serviced your bike let us know in advance, please.

What is a dyno?
Dyno is short for dynamometer. A dynamometer is in essence a rig that positions a big heavy roller below the rear wheel. The faster the bike can accelerate the roller, the more power it is making. When the dyno is used along with other devices that analyze things like exhaust gases, or control ignition timing, etc, it can provide lots of information that tuners can use to improve the vehicle.

So what happens on a dyno run?
There are plenty of youtube clips of bikes being run on dynos. Tether the bike to the machine, run the bike, gather data. Afterwards, you may have some information that will allow you to make informed decisions about what work to do or bits to buy next.

Why should I bother having the bike run on a dyno?
Our dyno will help diagnose problems and optimise the performance of your motorcycle.We have years of experience on road and track bikes. We have used the dyno to de-bug bikes that other workshops, including franchised dealers, just could not get to run properly. If you have purchased a bike and its previous owners have fiddled with different exhausts, fuelling, and ignition settings then it would be wise to check that it is all operating as it should and the modifications are not doing more harm than good.

What is a Power Commander?
The PC is a fuel injection adjustment unit that works with the bikes' standard ECU. It is a device used on fuel-injected bikes, that modifies the signal delivered to the injectors, allowing the fuel/air ratio to be varied and adjusted through the rev range. This means that a bike's fuelling can be adjusted quite precisely, and will compensate for a different exhaust or other modifications.

What is carb jetting?
Before fuel injectors there were carburettors. Carburettors regulate fuel and air and mix them together to feed the engine. By changing the sizes and positions of various parts in the carb (jets and needles) you can vary the ratio of fuel to air. This is not as easy or quick as it sounds, but with the help of the dyno and its accessories, the carbs can be adjusted very effectively and will compensate for different exhausts or other modifications.


















about  dyno  workshop  faq

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