Our dyno is a Dynojet model 200 upgraded with real time air/fuel ratio monitoring. We can simulate real driving conditions and replicate the engine loads that you generate when riding on the road. By analyzing the exhaust gases we can optimize the fuelling, increasing performance,improving throttle response, and perhaps even preventing serious engine damage. The Dyno can help to accurately diagnose performance or driveability problems in motorcycles and quads with up to 750bhp. Dyno runs can be done at speeds up to 200mph, providing safe, reliable road test simulation. A dyno run with a printout of your bike's performance costs £30.00 plus VAT. You would have to make a booking with us to do this.

Each dyno run can show you not only horsepower and torque, but also exact air/fuel ratio. This takes the guesswork out of fuelling adjustments. It is not just about peak horsepower. Driveability, fuel efficiency, and reliability can all be optimised.

If it's not running the way it should, and you don't know why, or if you just want to make sure that new exhaust is really helping, our dyno will help diagnose problems and optimise the performance of your motorcycle.We have years of experience on road and track bikes.

Our workshop labour rate is £50.00 per hour plus VAT.
Our business hours are 9am until 5pm Tuesday - Saturday.

The graphs below illustrate just how much benefit can be gained on a customer's road bike. In this case the bike is a 2002 Yamaha XJR1300 that has a pair of blue flame race cans and with a K&N air filter fitted.
The red line shows the power produced after a routine service. The green line above that shows power output after the airbox was modified, and the blue line is when a Dynojet kit was fitted and carb jetting and needle position optimized.
It is easy to see the difference in peak output of approximately ten horsepower, which is fair enough. What is much more impressive is the gain all the way from 6,500 revs to 10,000 revs. At 9,000 rpm there is a gain of about twenty horsepower, and by 10,000 rpm there is around twenty-five horsepower gained. In real-life riding, this would be very noticeable, with overtaking being quicker, and the rider able to hold each gear much longer before changing up.

The green area in the graph below represents the power gained in the early stages described above, and the blue area shows power output after all carb modifications were complete. The total power gained on the dyno is represented by adding the two areas together. When reading graphs like this, especially for road bikes, it is important to look at the shape of the area under the line rather than just the height of the peak.

Whether you run a standard motorcycle, or a tuned sports model, Dynojet Carburettor Jet Kits can provide you with a simple and affordable solution to all your carburation problems. Dynojet Jet Kits increase power and smoothness throughout the entire rev range, while maintaining optimum fuel economy. Dynojet offers a wide range of kits to fit any application. Several types (stages) of kits are available to fit your specific needs.



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